What is the Phonetics Laboratory?

The Phonetics Laboratory is a service of the "Facultat de Filologia" of the University of Barcelona. It was founded in 1978, thus being the oldest university phonetics laboratory in Spain. In the Laboratory both educational and research activities are carried out.

On the educational side, it is where practical lessons of phonetic-related subjects, such as Spanish, English, Linguistics,etc., take place. In the same laboratory subjects such as Experimental Phonetics and other PhD lessons are taught.

On the other hand, the Lab is the home of the research group on Experimental Phonetics. Therefore we develop our own research projects, and collaborate with projects that are lead by other researchers offering help to all those who need to conduct experiments or studies with sounds which are used in comunication, for example: the Museum of Zoology of Barcelona, Cosmocaixa (check the new exhibition Talking Brains!), the Masters course of speech therapy of the U.B. and Universitat Ramon Llull, etc.