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Dictionary of Old Catalan

The online Dictionary of Old Catalan is a joint project between the University of Barcelona and the Lluís Carulla Foundation. Both institutions guard vast holdings of digitalized Old Catalan texts, they both also support and provide assistance to other organisations and researchers working in the editing of these texts.

The Dictionary of Old Catalan lookup strategy can be searched with lemmas or with forms as keywords. The lookup format makes it easier to search for the recorded forms of a user-specified lemma, and all occurrences of those forms can be obtained as concordances. Alternatively, a particular form can be specified and the system shows whether it exists within the databases, and in case of a positive outcome, its lemma and its occurrences can be obtained, in addition to its concordances. A help menu with information on search criteria, results layout, used codes, base editions, etc. can be called on at any moment during lookup.

Around 900,000 concordances and 36,552 different forms of 11,646 lemmata are stored in the Database today.