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Bonner UB legacy

On March 8, 2001, and before the highest academic authorities, Professor Anthony Bonner officially bequeathed his archives on Ramon Llull and Lullism to the University of Barcelona. This was the culmination of a long-term collaboration between Professor Bonner and the UB, from which he received a Doctor Honoris Causa degree (Honorary Doctorate) in 1995.

The bulk of materials on Ramon Llull and Lullism collected by Professor Anthony Bonner represent an enormous effort over more than twenty five years of work, aimed at the complete overseeing of all the information regarding Lullian works, manuscripts, bibliography, topics, catalogues and auto references.

The Bonner legacy is basically a working tool, consisting in an archive, a bibliographical collection and a microfilm collection.

The archive is composed of several collections of index cards and documents to which some very relevant materials coming from personal bequeathals of Prof. J. N. Hillgarth and Prof. R. D. F. Pring-Mill to Bonner himself have been added.

As for the Lullian manuscripts, the archive consists in a card index box with more than 1000 index cards including descriptions and bibliographical references of codices. This is complemented by another 300 index cards originally compiled by Prof. Hilgarth and stemming from his direct consultation of the manuscripts. The bibliography of the collection comprises 5 folders containing all sorts of data: personal notes, letters sent by specialists and correspondents (J. N. Hillgarth, L. Pérez, G. Navarro, J. Santanach, A. Soler, J. A. Ysern, L. Badia, etc.), and extracts from catalogues and codicological studies, all exhaustively gathering thorough information on the several Lullian collections.

Regarding catalogue materials, the Bonner archive consists of 2 files containing copies of Lullian catalogues transmitted through manuscripts or editions since the 14th century; 2 folders with all sorts of working material, allowing the monitoring of the catalogues' content; and a card index box with around 1100 index cards with references to Lullian works and to the corresponding catalogues containing its records.

This valuable archive material is accompanied by a bibliographical collection specialised in Ramon Llull, the Middle Ages, codicology and textual critique, thus constituting a perfect complement of the former.

Finally, the Bonner Legacy is completed with a collection of 100 microfilms, specially focusing on Llull. And with 4 transcriptions of Lullian works handed over to Bonner by Prof. Pring-Mill.

Since February 2002, the resources of the Bonner Legacy are available online through the Ramon Llull Database, but they are also at the disposal of all researchers wishing to consult them in person at the Ramon Llull Documentation Centre.