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Blaquerna Collection

The Col·lecció Blanquerna (Blaquerna Collection) is devoted to the publication of studies on Ramon Llull and Lullism, and on the cultural contexts in which both phenomena came into being. It is an initiative of the Programa Blaquerna d’Estudis Lul·lians (Blaquerna Programme of Lullian Studies) and its activities are underpinned by the University of the Balearic Islands and the University of Barcelona. The collection is directed by Pere Rosselló (UIB) and Albert Soler (UB).

Future releases: 

  • M. Cabré, Cerverí de Girona, un poeta al servei del príncep. Study of the literary traditions to which the works of one of the last Catalan troubadours, Cerverí de Girona, contemporary of Llull, belong. An innovative insight into Ramon Llull's literary context.
  • S. Trias Mercant, Breviari d’escriptors lul·listes. Comprehensive biobibliographical dictionary of Lullian authors with written works, from the 14th century to 1991.
  • A. Bonner, Estudis lul·lians. Anthology of revised and updated published papers by the author.
  • L. Badia, Art i natura als textos literaris de Ramon Llull. The didactical structure of the Art can be seen to emerge in Llull's literary works. It is presented in a simplified manner, with its repeated use of conceptual parallels drawn from the Medieval natural sciences. Anthology of published papers by the author.
  • H. Riedlinger, Ramon Llull a París (1309-1311). Translation of the famous paper concerning Ramon Llull's fourth and last stay in Paris, published as an introduction to the fifth volume (1967) of the Raimundi Lulli Opera Latina.
  • P. Rosselló, Ramon Llull en la literatura mallorquina dels segles xix i xx. Paper on the appearance of Llull as a motif in the literature of Majorcan authors, from the Renaissance up to the present time. With special attention to poetic and biographical genres.