The Group for the Study of Dialectal Variation (GEVaD) belongs to the Group for the Study of Variation (GEV), a consolidated research group funded by the Catalan Government that assemblies several projects, led by members of the Catalan Linguistics Section of the Department of Catalan Philology and General Linguistics, with a focus on the study of linguistic variation from a variety of perspectives: Dialectology, Historical Linguistics, Pragmatics, and Sociolinguistics.

GEVaD focuses on the study of synchronic dialectal variation. It has as a main goal the study of phonetic, phonological and morphological phenomena with the emphasis on Catalan dialectal variation, the comparison with other Romance languages, and also on the study of the interactions between the different components of the grammar.

Research lines

Phonology, phonetics, morphology, dialectal variation, synchronic linguistics, theoretical linguistics, linguistics change, Catalan, Romance languages