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Villanueva (del Fresno) [place in the province of Badajoz] place names [in italics]
Villuerca[s] (La[s] —) [mountain range in Extremadura] place names [in italics]
Viluorna [place in Engadine, Grisons, Switzerland] place names [in italics]
Vinaixa [place in the area of les Garrigues, Catalonia] place names [in italics]
vineyard, grape-harvesting and wine farmwork
violet plant kingdom (signs and variable aspects)
Viseu [place in Portugal] place names [in italics]
Vodíţe (in Croatian, Vodice) [place in Istria] place names [in italics]
Voirons (les —) [mountain in Haute-Savoie, France, in the border with Switzerland] place names [in italics]
wagtail animals (excluding grazing types)
wallcreeper animals (excluding grazing types)
walnut, walnut-tree, walnut grove plant kingdom (signs and variable aspects)
waning moon Moon
wasp animals (excluding grazing types)
water elements of everyday life
wealth personification and the like
weasel animals (excluding grazing types)
weather vane territory
well territory
west cardinal points


Displaying 1241 - 1260 of 1286 (page 63 of 65)